A Whole New World
Conscious E-books by Rose Diamond with Woods Elliott
Our hope for a whole new world arising from the ashes of the old and based on the values of peace, sustainability and respect for all life, lies in the flowering of “the new consciousness” and in the individual journey of reconnection, or the soul journey. Through the process of experiential learning, healing and spiritual practice, we can peel away the outer layers of conditioning; all the rules and beliefs we have swallowed whole from family, school, religion and the media, so that we can hear the still small voice within: our own authentic truth, which paradoxically, when we listen deeply and well, turns out to be universal truth too.

Are you living a conscious life?

E-books are a new medium which lends itself to rapid distribution, communication of ideas and global connections. Our e-books are a new genre exploring the growing edge of what it means to live a more conscious life. We combine our own inner exploration with processes and questions which will cause you to inquire within your inner being, in your daily life and in your relationships, to find the answers. Some of the questions we are asking through our e-books are: how can we maintain inner peace and well-being through this transitional time? What does a sustainable life look like? What does it mean to live in harmony with nature? How are people creating livelihood from living their passion? What is a conscious relationship?

Are you passionate about building a more peaceful world?

By bringing our own complex, imperfect human beingness into the books, and writing more often from a state of presence, we attempt to show the links between individual joys and dilemmas and the bigger picture of global transformation confronting us all. Our e-books are a unique, rich and stimulating alchemy of personal exploration and experiential processes combined with theoretical concepts and mapping of the inner world; and with interviews and deeper conversations with innovative grassroots practitioners who are transforming communities as they create the emerging new peaceful culture.

Do you long for community with like-minded souls?

Our thought provoking subject matter lends itself to group dialogues and can help to build soulful community, profound learning and heart-felt connection with others. We believe one of the best ways to transition to a better world is through holding deeper conversations which take us beyond superficial differences, conflicts and divisions and into our richest shared humanity, altruism and collective Oneness. This is our call for a worldwide Soul Movement of conscious change-makers.
Section of 'And The World Changed' - art by Karen Kerney, Syracuse Cultural Workers; Syracuse, NY. Available as postcards and posters
Who's reading the e-books?

People of all ages who already have an interest in, or work in the field of consciousness, creativity, cultural change or transformational learning

Alicia is in her late forties and works as a consultant to organizations. Her passion is waking people up to be more authentic. She has done a lot of personal development and is interested in leading edge ideas.

Henry is mid 70's, an ex-business man turned artist and writer. He is very interested in learning more about consciousness and spirituality. 

People who have an awakening interest in discovering inspirational models and tools for personal and social change

Joanne is mid 30's, an active environmentalist and entrepreneur who wants to understand what this consciousness thing is all about.

Don is a 50 something guy who's worked very hard in the service sector and is now feeling burnt out. He's looking for a way to connect with conscious people and do something completely different with his life.

Those who are in crisis or life transition or emerging from a shift in consciousness

Fran is mid 50's and at a transition point in life. She has had an academic career, now illness is causing her to re-evaluate her life and to become interested in personal discovery and consciousness. She longs for a more creative lifestyle.

Young people looking for stepping stones to move forward

David is 23 years old, a highly intelligent old soul who feels lost in society. He is looking for meaning in life and ways to work for the planet.

“Having lived with the pain and despair of seeing our culture destroy all that I hold most dear, and feeling powerless to do anything about it, my discovery in recent years that the creative path provides the energy and potential to manifest a New World Story, is the most important thing in the world to me. Reading about your story and those of others you have worked with makes it feel even more real and possible.
I find your e-books inspiring and energising. There is much here that I found was a useful reminder as well as new ways of thinking about this emerging human experience.”
Richard Cross, Founder, Riversmeet Community Co-operative and The Earth Standards Project, UK.

“Reading these books is like entering into an adventure with one’s self and the world we live in. It felt like having a conversation with a like minded companion. Rose writes with ‘lived experience’ a conversation at the frontier of human thought about change and living your passion. She shares her inspiring stories, tools and practices. This has offered me focus in a realistic and sustainable way. I am now more conscious of the distractions that sap my energy. I have been gently guided by Rose in a powerful way. I am moving forward with renewed commitment to my focus and passion."
Benita Treanor, Organisational Development Coach & Consultant.
Section of 'And The World Changed' - art by Karen Kerney, Syracuse Cultural Workers; Syracuse, NY. Available as postcards and posters
How to read the e-books

All e-books are around 70 pages, with photographs. We recommend you print them out for ease of reading.

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Join an e-learning community - We offer a once a month tele-class (a 90 minute meeting on the telephone) where you can join with a small group of others (no more than 12 per class) to explore questions arising from the e-books. The first teleclasses in the UK, US and NZ start early in 2010. For more information go to the Learning Communities page

Use the e-books as a catalyst for community conversations - Work with us as a transformational catalyst, bring together a Soul Cell in your local community for deeper conversations around the e-books and join a growing global learning community. Go to the Learning Communities page

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Only a transformation of consciousness will safeguard life on Earth.
It’s time for the most soulful transformation of our individual and community lives we can muster.

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