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A Whole New World is an e-learning publishing company committed to our vision of seeding and connecting local/global learning communities focused on conscious, soulful living.

The concept and vision for A Whole New World has grown alongside, and become interwoven with my own life path and I have come to see it as my soul work, or my purpose for being here on Planet Earth at this time. Understanding how people connect with their soul purpose, and turn their passion into powerful transformational projects and a source of sustainable livelihood, has become a leading interest for me and in that spirit I share the main points of my story with AWNW on this page.

The work so far has been done with co-workers Woods Elliott in Virginia USA and Maggie Holling in Golden Bay, New Zealand, as well as a small group of Founding Members who have supported the development of the project in various ways.

Section of 'And The World Changed' - art by Karen Kerney, Syracuse Cultural Workers; Syracuse, NY. Available as postcards and postersRose Diamond


Rose Diamond is a lifelong educator and global citizen with a passion for whole person learning and a profound fascination with the creative process. Her own particular piece of the puzzle is mapping the inner process of transformation, identifying the curriculum for the transition, recording and publishing some of the emerging community models for the new culture and helping to link initiatives locally and globally. Her vision is to contribute to a peaceful soulful world through seeding Soul Cells and Soul Sanctuaries: learning communities coming together to nurture higher states of consciousness and creativity. She has lived her life as a soul journey, as a creative adventure and as a model for living your passion. Writing the e-books has led her into the process of living inquiry which she finds very exciting. She is a lover of wild nature; deep community; creative dialogue; animals; spiritual cinema and leading edge books. A natural pioneer, Rose has learned to integrate insights from living on the edge with a heartfelt vocation to share her skills and wisdom and to support those who are ready to make a difference.

Woods Elliott


Woods was born in the US and studied philosophy and art in college. He was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war, a civil rights, women's rights, and mental patients activist, and great admirer of native Americans. He earned a master's degree in social work in '69 and pursued a fifteen year career in the mental health field in psychiatric, child abuse, relationship counseling, family therapy and correctional settings and became licensed for private practice in both New York and Colorado. By the late '70's, he couldn't contain a midlife longing for fresh adventures, and migrated to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Here he taught himself home-based furniture restoration skills and had a love affair with Mother Nature, which stirred him into environmental activism, prospecting for gold and Indian artifacts, and cultivating an alternative lifestyle. Open heart surgery at age 49 opened his heart in more ways than one, and cast him onto a more spiritual path. Daily meditator, lifelong ponderer and writer, Woods would love to see the birth of a new spirit- and nature-centered society, and eventually a whole new world. His first finished book "Dazzlephrenia: a Gallery of Thought on Consciousness, Awe for Mother Nature, and Wonderment over the Dazzling Cosmos", was published as full length ebook this year.

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Only a transformation of consciousness will safeguard life on Earth.
It’s time for the most soulful transformation of our individual and community lives we can muster.

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