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Our full length books are personal explorations and responses to living at this time of transformation. From the soul journey, to soul work, to fathoming our place within the mystery of cosmos, we search for meaning and deeper connection with self, community and life itself.
books:Migration to the Heartland, Dazzlephrenia, Living Your Passion
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Migration to the Heartland

A Soul Journey in Aotearoa by Rose Diamond

MIGRATION TO THE HEARTLAND is a very powerful text drawing on a lifetime of observation and wisdom gained by the author as she constantly puts herself on the line to learn the hard/heart lessons.. , it is the personality, energy, strength and unique vision of Christie and Rose Diamond that really leaps from the pages and pulls us into a book which is very difficult to put down - even after several readings of the text.” Cath Dunsford, Dunsford Publishing Consultants.

Migration to the Heartland by Rose Diamond This blend of story-telling and biography is a book about transitions. The story begins in 1988 amidst  questions I was asking about how, and where, to find peace and love in my life. I was working as an educator and psychotherapist and knew I couldn't help others find happiness if I didn't know how to find it myself. I had been graced by the Goddess of Poetry - the erotic, fiercely demanding, fiery source of inspiration, which takes us beneath the surface of life and points us towards the possible and when she disappeared from my life, I was inconsolable. The emptiness at the heart of my personal and professional life, and a deep malaise in the cultural and political environment, were catalysts for the decision I made to follow my creative process wherever it led me.

The call to the soul journey was so strong I could not resist even though I was often confused, afraid and at times even questioned my sanity. Migration to the Heartland began as a means of recording and understanding my experience of living at this time of global chaos and transition and helped me to delve beneath the personality’s stories of how I thought things were, to reach deeper truths. With growing excitement, I came to realise although the details of my journey were unique to me, the process unfolding in my life was a theme of our time, shared by many. We are being called to the inner journey in our millions, all around the world; for it is only the deep wisdom of our hearts and souls that can balance the dangers of our global situation and lead us to peace and unity.

When it was first published in 2005, Migration to the Heartland struck a chord with people on their soul journeys around the world. This revised edition with additional prologue, epilogue, glossary and resource section, is now available in e-book form.

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“Deeply inspirational! An example of how believing and trusting can guide us to find our true path. In her search for unity and love, Rose explores an alternative to the empty material security of a cynical western society. A brave and successful journey to overcome fears in following a dream.” 
Monica de La Cruz Carballo

“Rose Diamond has a great talent for stirring images that are very exciting and passionate, and full of love and life.” Derek Youngs, peace educator.  

Living Your Passion: How Love-in-action is Seeding a Whole New World

by Rose Diamond

At a time when the world appears to be coming undone, and we are in the midst of large scale social change, this timely visionary books says hello from Aotearoa - New Zealand, a country which the author sees as a potential model for a more peaceful, sustainable society. A series of intimate interviews introduces twenty-five practitioners from a range of grass-roots community and business projects and offers practical wisdom on how we can evolve individually and collectively. Alongside the chaos and crisis of crumbling institutions, rising prices, war and deepening debt, there is a new consciousness sweeping the planet, bringing with it a desire for life lived from the heart and soul.

Living Your Passion by Rose Diamond The ordinary yet extraordinary people in this book are choosing to uncompromisingly live their passion by grounding the new consciousness in innovative projects  covering a spectrum of interests from sustainable housing to community building, new models of business, and living more simply. They demonstrate how individual courage and actions really do make a difference and how, when we truly live our passion we can move beyond self interest and begin to create a Whole New World.

“As the introduction says this book is an inquiry into three questions. What does it mean to live your passion? How does living your passion become Love-in-action? How does Love-in-action seed a whole new world? Believe me it goes a very long way to answering them and while it might sound very New Age it's actually a very well written, informative and interesting book about the consciousness sweeping the world. The book's focus on New Zealand - it's subtitled “With Love from New Zealand - is just so right because New Zealand does have the potential to become a role model for the world as a peaceful, sustainable, forward looking and multicultural nation. I loved this book.” 
Bob Harvey Mayor of Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand’s newest City for Peace.  

“Congratulations on an excellent book. I found it very readable, balanced and the message is so timely. I don't think you could have picked a better time to publish this book. 

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It's an excellent example of grassroots people leading the charge. You have done a wonderful job and picked a great group of inspirers.” Anne Curtis Change Catalyst, Australia.

"Living your Passion is a compelling compendium of what ordinary people are doing to establish a new, positive way forward ... taking their responsibility as stewards and guardians of our beautiful if troubled world to a new level so we can leave our children a legacy worth having ..." Vivienne Anne Wright Founder and Executive Trustee of One People One Planet.

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Dazzlephrenia, a Gallery of Thought on Consciousness, Awe for Mother Nature, and Wonderment over the Dazzling Cosmos

by Woods Elliott

While I've been a ponderer from an early age, pursuing philosophy, psychology, and art history in undergraduate school, it took a brush with death in 1994, to supply me with the determination to complete at least one book of compassionate nonfiction. This is the one, you'll learn, I dreamt of putting into my father's hands.

Dazzlephrenia by Woods ElliottDazzlephrenia is composed as a series of mostly short and sweet thought exhibits, what you might call idea sketches or works of thought. The book endeavors to put imaginative ponderings and my deepest feelings on display and expresses my hope to stimulate a soulful dimension in the reader. It documents my lifelong fascination with life's inescapable mysteriousness, my belief in and love for the sacredness of all living beings, wonderment over the infinitude of cosmos and its unsettling cosmopsychological impacts on conscious humans (dazzlephrenia), and our unclear and bewildering relationship and apparent coherence and affinity with the remarkable extravagance of existence.

Throughout my life, I've had a lasting fondness for self exploration, stretching to become more fully aware, and seeking the biggest possible picture. I believe the more present and aware a person becomes, the more able they are to glimpse existence as it fully is, and be fully activated by universal creative power. Most creative people I've known share a general conviction that there's something wiser, more brilliant around, than them. This engagement of a larger collective field is extraordinarily joyful, when and whatever way it happens, because in these singular moments, we feel directly the unity and interconnectivity of the living whole. And in these moments, our deep-seated sense of separateness from cosmos is delightfully overturned. 

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While we've always been cosmic critters, the enormity of the cosmic dimension is by now clearly proven, and our relationship and connection with that enormity, all the more apparent and existentially unsettling. Many of us are already persuaded that whatever our ultimate connection is to our daunting universe, it verges on something truly magnificent and perhaps divine in nature. 

I hope some of my gratefulness for a conscious human life in this book rubs off on you.  Much love and peace,  Woods Elliott    

“This quirky and original book combines the expansiveness of an Aquarian mind stretching to embrace the wonders of the cosmos, with deeply felt intimate responses to loss, death, Mother Nature love and the limitations of being human; all delivered up in  refreshing bite size pieces.” BF
Only a transformation of consciousness will safeguard life on Earth.
It’s time for the most soulful transformation of our individual and community lives we can muster.

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